Rich Benefactor/penpal

Dear Benefactor

I would like to find a wealthy Benefactor to help me with my business projects that I am working on online. The main things I need help with are the different software programs and for the press release and google adwords to get the word out on my 2 profit and 2 non/profit websites that I have put my heart and soul into and all my money.

I have spnet the last 3 years on these projects and have had help from Griffith University for The Free Organic food swap coop and I also have which will become a place for anyone looking for help to find the help they are seeking and for for people who want to help others to find the people in need. These are both non profit and have taken years to create and I am holding off on the release until I have the money to do mass media, internet marketing.

Once upon a happy ending there was a very lucky young lady who found that she was one of the luckiest in thw world because she believed in magic and finding her benefactor/penpal/email mentor and friend/father/mother figure to help her in life.

Please make my happy ending come true?

Please email if you may be able to help.

Thank you

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