Juicy lucy pussy smelling dirty knickers!
GBP 11

Guys i love cock! i would love to have your cock ramed so far up me pulling away at my long black hair, i have sexy dark brown eyes and a body that would make any man cock stand on end! I lost my cherry at 14 years old all the guys wanted o fuck me so i thought why not! better still i admit im a horny slut with a wet juicy pussy & i would fuck anyman that puts it on me, I do have one condition tho i have to get fucked wearing my knickers so i pull them down just a little, then i bend over and i let all the wetness soak into the knickers leaving them smelling of pure pussy! so guys if you want a pair of my pussy smelling dirty knickers e-mail me! open to all suggestions on how you would like your knickers sent to you big boy! x

paypal & other methods of payment accepted speak soon x

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