Establishing Slow Tourism in the UK

Slow Tourism is an Italian non-profit association that aims to spread sustainable and responsible tourism in order to protect tourist destinations.We do so by:
1. sustaining tourism enterprises in the adoption of good practices capable of reducing environmental impact while providing better services and hospitality for customers/travellers;
2. making it easier for travellers to get info on how to plan and organize sustainable vacations;
3. making travellers aware about the importance of preserving natural and cultural
4. involving public authorities (especially rural-area municipalities) in the valorization of their territory;
5. promoting holiday packages and itineraries capable of promoting sustainable & responsible vacations (especially with reference to non-tourist areas).We would like to spread our strategy in the UK by getting in touch with people interested in establishing Slow Tourism UK which will be a totally independent association.At the same time, Slow Tourism Italia and Slow Tourism UK will cooperate and implement joint strategies in order to spread sustainable tourism throughout Europe.We are looking for people with a real interest in sustainable tourism and environmental protection, who want to manage and grow their own association, capable of interacting with local tourism enterprises and the most important stakeholders.

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