£39.00 A healthy stomach guarantees a healthy life!

A healthy stomach guarantees a healthy life!

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Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said: “All disease begins in the gut”. Taking proper care of your intestines affects the whole digestive system: elimination of irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gases, gurgling noises, and constipation.

One capsule of N°1 ProBiotic contains live bacteria cultures from 10 different strains secured with a patented micro-encapsulation technique.

- 30 billion of live bacteria cultures in one capsule
- 10 bacteria strains
- Contains a prebiotic, which increases the activity of probiotic bacteria, supports their growth simultaneously eliminating pathogenic bacteria and fungi within a human digestive system

Link to the shop >>> https://aterto.blogspot.com/p/to-shop-httpstrack_31.html

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