Financing for the realization of profitable projects
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My name is Kenneth Scott I am a private financier and I am ready to grant you credits from 5,000 euros to 50,000,000 euros with an interest rate of 2% over the entire repayment period.
Here are the areas where I can help you:
1- Financing for the realization of profitable projects.
2- Financing of projects for the creation of a business where you are the Director of a company in difficulty of private financing.
3- Financing to create an organization of Public Loans offers.
4- Funding to create or take over a hotel or any leisure project.
5- Financing of profitable solidarity projects, hospitals, clinics, Bar, Restaurant, games room, cinema room etc ...
6- Financing of any real estate, transport or other project.
7- Financing of any import-export, logistics or other company.
8- Financing of a company or a project currently bankrupt.
I give loans with an interest rate of 2% over the entire term. It is indeed essential that we give ourselves a boost and on return have a profit for this I put at your disposal any type of loans. Do not hesitate to contact us, this does not commit you to anything and the utmost confidentiality and approval is guaranteed.
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