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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and contact centers go together like fish and chips.

When contact center platforms were developed, agents’ performance started being measured by technology, such as reporting for Amazon Connect, that generates a blizzard of statistics.

With this KPI data, contact center managers can track almost every aspect of an agent’s working life to the second.

Key Performance Indicator

A brief history of KPIs

In fact, KPIs are nothing new.

The first recorded KPIs were devised by the Emperors of the Chinese Wei Dynasty in approx. AD 250. They would measure the “performance” of various family members who were competing for their attention and favors.

The father of gamification

Robert Owen, a 19th century pioneer of industrialism, devised his own rudimentary KPI. Painted wooden cubes were hung over each worker in the mill to display how well he was performing.
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