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sterile Cotton Swab

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http://www.jieyingmed.com/medical-consumable/cotton-swab/ Cotton swabs can be divided into two categories: Daily swabs and medical cotton swabs. Daily cotton swabs are usually shorter, with cotton batting on both ends, while medical cotton swabs are longer, generally speaking, only one end has cotton batting.
The most common application of medical cotton swabs is to treat wounds. Therefore, the length of cotton swabs will be longer, which can be used to wipe some hard to reach wounds or other infections caused by contact. Medical cotton swabs are usually sterilized by EO, and can be used without sterilization in front of them.
Another feature is that the medical cotton swabs are basically made of wooden poles, because doctors need to use strong and reliable cotton swabs to smear wounds, which cannot be easily broken.
MaterialWooden/bamboo, medical absorbent cotton
Length7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm
Cotton Head Diameter5mm, 7mm, 9mm
Package100pcs/bag, 10bags/box, 20boxs/carton
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